Multi-Constituency Task Force to Focus on Strategic Thinking at EDS

FiftMembers of the Multi-Constituency Task Forceeen members of the EDS community, including students, faculty, alumni/ae, and staff, met Thursday for the first of several meetings of the new Multi-Constituency Task Force.

The task force, created by the EDS Board of Trustees and chaired by board of trustees chair, the Very Rev. Gary Hall ’76, was formed as the first step in a year-long, seminary-wide process of discernment, during which the task force and the EDS community at large will examine the many challenges facing EDS, and theological education generally.

In creating the task force, the board specified that its members must be drawn from an array of different EDS constituencies, including three trustees, the interim president and dean, two faculty members (including the dean of the faculty), two current students, two alumni/ae, and two non-alumni/ae church leaders.

The board of trustees, in consultation with the Association of Governing Boards, an independent organization that works on behalf of citizen trusteeship in higher education nationwide, has asked the task force to engage in a process of strategic thinking that is both dialogical and iterative, consistently engaging the EDS community both in parts and as a whole, in discussion and response. The board also charged the task force with posting ideas from these conversations for the entire community to see and respond to throughout the year.

The task force’s ultimate goal is to establish a framework for institutional development—a broad portrait that describes the optimal character of EDS in the future and a set of principles guiding the institution toward that outcome. In establishing the task force, the board made clear that its role was not to engage in strategic planning or in designing concrete steps for EDS to meet its goals, but to act as both a generator and mediator of ideas that will guide the institution forward.

Further updates on the task force's activities will be posted at,, and on all of EDS’s social media channels.

Members of the Multi-Constituency Task Force

  • The Rev. Susan Ackley ’99 (The Episcopal Church of New Hampshire)
  • Dr. Angela Bauer-Levesque (Academic Dean and Harvey H. Guthrie Jr. Professor of Bible, Culture, and Interpretation)
  • Susan Butterworth ’16 (Master of Divinity candidate, Traditional Learning)
  • The Rev. Dr. Matthew Cadwell ’99 (Rector of Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Wakefield, Massachusetts)
  • Chris Carr ’99 (Director of Technology Services)
  • Elizabeth Coffey ’16 (Master of Divinity candidate, Distributive Learning)
  • Suzanne Ehly (Artist-in-Residence and faculty in Voice, Body, and Culture)
  • The Very Rev. Francis Fornaro ’96 (Interim President and Dean)
  • The Rt. Rev. Carol Gallagher, PhD, ’89 (Bishop for Native American Ministries & assistant bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Montana)
  • The Very Rev. Gary Hall ’76 (Dean of the Washington National Cathedral and Chair of the EDS Board of Trustees)
  • William F. Judge (Chief Financial and Business Development Officer)
  • Zena Link ’08 (Province One of the Episcopal Church)
  • The Rev. Sam Rodman (the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts
  • Denis Stark (Treasurer of the EDS Board of Trustees)
  • Larry Wills (Ethelbert Talbot Professor of Biblical Studies at EDS)

Image: Members of the Multi-Constituency Task Force at Episcopal Divinity School

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