Academic Handbook & Forms

The 2016-2017 Academic Handbook is available to download in PDF format. All forms are also available for download below. You can now fill out forms on your computer using Adobe Reader (Windows and Mac) and Preview (Mac).

To ensure that the forms save correctly, you must first save these forms to your computer before filling them out. Additionally, please note that all forms require physical (i.e. pen and ink) signatures. This means that if you fill out a form on your computer, you must first print it out and manually sign the form before submitting it to the Registrar.

For instructions on submitting forms, please refer to the column on the right. For questions, please contact the Registrar at or 617-682-1525.

List of Forms

Registration Forms | FERPA Forms | Academic & Degrees Committee Forms | Thesis Project Forms | Program Evaluation Forms | Candidacy Evaluation Forms | Graduation Forms | Misc. Forms

Registration/Office of the Registrar
1. Registration Form
2. Change of Registration Petition
3. Petition for Course Extension
4. Course Evaluation Form
5. DMin Course Evaluation Form
6. Petition for Leave of Absence
7. Transcript Request Form

8. Notification of Rights Under FERPA
9. Notice of Directory Information and Restrictions
10. FERPA Student Release Form: Student Authorization for Disclosure
11. Academic Records FERPA Release Form: Third Party

Academic/Degrees Committee
12. MATS Curriculum Course Worksheet
13. MDiv Curriculum Course Worksheet
14. EDS/Bloy House Course Worksheet
15. Reader's Comments—Program Worksheet Review: MATS
16. Reader's Comments—Program Worksheet Review: MDiv
17. Doctor of Ministry Program Proposal Approval

Thesis Project (DMin, MDiv, MATS)
18. Doctor of Ministry Thesis/Project Proposal Approval
19. Master's Program Thesis Proposal Approval
20. Reader Approval
20a. Format for Thesis (DMin, MDiv, MATS): Title Page
20b. Format for Thesis (DMin, MDiv, MATS): Copyright Page
21. Thesis Margins
22. Format and Pagination of Thesis/Project
23. EDS Policy on Plagiarism
24. Properly Acknowledging Your Sources: A Guide for Avoiding Plagiarism
25. Electronic Permission Form to Release a Thesis on the Internet
26. Master's Thesis Evaluation Form

Program Evaluation/Assessment
27. End of Year Evaluation Form: MATS
28. End of Year Evaluation Form: MDiv
29. Final Year Integration Form: MATS
30. Final Year Integration Form: MDiv
31. Final Year Integration Form: DMin
32. Competency Evaluation of Preaching in the Chapel

Candidacy Evaluations
33. Candidacy Evaluation: In the Episcopal Ordination Process
34. Candidacy Evaluation: Episcopal, Not in Process
35. Candidacy Evaluation: Judicatories Other than Episcopal
36. Candidacy Evaluation: Postulant Seeking to Become Candidate

Graduation/Graduation Clearance
37. Graduation Application
38. Graduate Checklist for Student File: MATS, MDiv, Certificate
39. Graduate Checklist for Student File: DMin

40. Student Emergency Contact Form
41. Update of Personal Data