Dr. Gale Yee Co-Edits Upcoming Bible Commentary; EDS Professors Contribute Chapters

Fortress Commentary covers

Fortress Press announced the upcoming publication of Fortress Commentary on the Bible, a two volume set synthesizing current scholarship on every book of the Bible. Dr. Gale A. Yee, Nancy W. King Professor of Biblical Studies at EDS, was volume editor for the Old Testament and Apocrypha volume, along with Hugh R. Page, Jr. (the University of Notre Dame), and Matthew J. M. Coomber (St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa). The New Testament volume additionally includes contributions by EDS professors Dr. Kwok Pui Lan ("Reading the Christian New Testament in the Contemporary World") and Dr. Lawrence Wells ("Negotiating the Jewish Heritage of Early Christianity").

Both the Fortress Commentary on the Bible: Old Testament and Apocrypha and the Fortress Commentary on the Bible: New Testament open with introductory essays that orient the reader to the challenge and promise of interpreting the Old and New Testament in the twenty-first century and include section introductions orienting readers to the historical and contextual concerns of each collection (e.g., Themes and Perspectives in the Torah; Jesus and the Christian Gospels). Biblical books are addressed by one of over seventy-five top biblical scholars whose focus centers on the value of current scholarship for the contemporary world.

Fortress editor Scott Tunseth, who has overseen the project from its inception alongside Neil Elliott, acquisitions editor for biblical studies, explains that the ultimate effect of the scholarship represented in the Fortress Commentary on the Bible is "to ignite a conversation through the raising of critical questions."

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