Episcopal Divinity School and Episcopal Asiamerica Ministries Announce Expansion of Innovative Doctor of Ministry Program with Asian Church Focus

Cambridge, MA (December 5, 2013)--Episcopal Asiamerica Ministries (EAM) and Episcopal Divinity School (EDS) announced an expansion of the EAM Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program at EDS, a low-residency Distributive Learning program for Asian American clergy and ordained church leaders from Asia. The program, which was launched in 2012 and is the only DMin program tailored to the interests and experiences of Asian and Asian American Episcopal clergy, prepares students for leadership roles in the church both in the US and abroad. Accepted students receive funding to cover almost 80% of tuition 

“Expanding the EAM Doctor of Ministry program is an essential part of EDS’s mission of educating leaders for the church and the world,” said Dr. Kwok Pui Lan, William F. Cole Professor of Christian Theology and Spirituality at EDS. “The partnership with Episcopal Asiamerica Ministries affirms EDS’s role as a global seminary and will ensure that the Episcopal Church’s engagement with Asiamerican congregations continues to grow.”

In expanding the EAM DMin program, EAM and EDS announced that clergy from churches in concordat of full communion with the Episcopal Church (such as the Iglesia Filipina Independiente, the Mar Thoma Church, Church of South India, Church of North India, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and Canada), along with clergy belonging to Anglican partner churches in Asia (including those in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, China, and India) would also be eligible for the program.

“We are thrilled that this partnership between EAM and EDS continues to grow and that more Asian and Asiamerican clergy will have the opportunity to study with leading Asiamerican theologians” said the Rev. Dr. Fred Vergara, missioner for EAM. 

Currently there are two students enrolled in the EAM DMin program at EDS—both have begun work on their respective dissertations. The Rev. Ada Wong Nagata from the Diocese of Los Angeles will write about the history of Asiamerica Ministry and the challenges of Asian clergy in the American context, while the Rev. Thomas Eoyang Jr. from the Diocese of Pennsylvania plans to write on the experiences of Asian Americans in the Episcopal Church.

The program was made possible with funding from the Constable Fund, Episcopal Asiamerica Ministries, and Episcopal Divinity School. The program is advised by the EAM-EDS Theological Education Committee, which includes Dr. Kwok and the Rev. Dr. Vergara, as well as Canon Peter Ng, partnership officer for Asia and the Pacific, the Rev. Dr. Jim Kodera, Professor of Religion at Wellesley College and former chair of EAM Council, Dr. Gale Yee, Nancy W. King Professor of Biblical Studies at EDS, and the Rev. Elease White-Armstrong, Director of Recruitment and Admissions at EDS.

About the EAM DMin Program at EDS

The EAM DMin program at EDS combines brief residential study (during intensive two-week sessions in January and June) and distance learning via simulcast classes offered during the fall and spring terms. Designed for active clergy and working theologians, it is a professional degree that seeks to enhance the clergy as person, as minister, and as theologian. Applicants need not leave their current jobs but instead are encouraged to relate their ministry to their studies.  The program consists of eight courses and can be completed in two to three years.

The EDS DMin degree is project-based, allowing students to focus on an area of research that directly relates to their individual ministry. Students in the EAM DMin program at EDS are expected to include in their curriculum research on Asian culture, Asian-American immigration, and the engagement of Asian Churches in ministry in the context of American culture. This research will prepare students for leadership roles in the church as a whole and in Asian-American ministry in particular. EDS and EAM expect that DMin students will share their research and that it will be used as a resource for Asian-American clergy and congregations across the country and the world. 

Applicants are accepted to the DMin colloquium sequence that begins every year in June. To learn more about the DMin program, or to apply, visit us online at eds.edu/degree_dmin.

About Episcopal Divinity School

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