Voting Rights, Civil Rights, Human Rights: A Message from Dean Katherine Hancock Ragsdale

Friends, In my message to you following the Supreme Court's commendable decision to overturn DOMA I tried to remind us all that we celebrate our victories not only to acknowledge and nurture our gratitude for the blessings we receive but also to hearten, encourage, and strengthen us for the struggles ahead of us. I said that our work would not be done until, among other things, there was an end to bullying, and, more urgently, given the Supreme Court's overturning of the Voting Rights Act, "until everyone's right to vote and to participate in the political, cultural, and social life of their communities is insured." More recently, we're reminded that our work will also not be done until everyone is able safely to walk our public streets and no one is targeted or suspect because of their race, their age, or the clothes they wear. We have so many struggles still ahead of us. So many critical victories still to be won. 

EDS would like to invite you to join us in what will be both a celebration of past victories and an encouragement for the work ahead of us. Diane D'Souza, EDS's Director of the office of Lifelong Learning, in partnership with the Dioceses of Atlanta and Alabama, will lead an EDS delegation to the Jonathan Daniels and All Martyrs Pilgrimage to Atlanta and Alabama from August 9-11, 2013. Space is limited and the deadline for registration is July 26. For more information, please visit the EDS website at

This pilgrimage not only celebrates the civil rights work of Jonathan Daniels and his contemporaries but it also sends a message to Washington and to every state and community throughout the land that we are not complacent, we are paying attention, and we will not rest or be silent until the Civil Rights that Jonathan fought for, that generations before him fought for, that justice-seeking people throughout our history have fought for are finally won. 

Join us, in person or in prayer, to give thanks for Jonathan and all those like him who have fought for justice. Join us to send a message that Voting Rights and Civil Rights and Human Rights are non-negotiable. Join us to recommit yourself to the holy work that still is before us. 

Katherine Hancock Ragsdale
President and Dean