History Among Us

Tom Logan

UPDATE: On Wednesday, May 2, 2012 alumnus Tom Logan PDS ’41 passed from this life to his eternal home. EDS recently recognized Logan as a recipient of the Distinguished Alumni/ae Award. Although given to him in March during the celebration of his centennial year birthday, EDS took a moment during the Alumni/ae Association’s Annual meeting to recognize him as a recent recipient.  Click here to read the obituary and find information about upcoming services celebrating his life.


At an event held at St. Thomas African Episcopal Church in Philadelphia, Fr. Tom Logan was recognized by family and friends on the occasion of his 100th birthday. Alumnus James Shannon PDS ’73 attended the service on behalf of EDS and the Alumni/ae Executive Committee, in order to honor Fr. Logan with the 2012 Distinguished Alumni/ae Award. Shannon was assisted by Liz Colton ’04 and Randy Callender ’10, both of whom are alumni/ae and priests in the Diocese of Pennsylvania.

The Distinguished Alumni/ae award recognizes the work of graduates in advancing the School’s mission of justice, compassion, and reconciliation. The citation on Fr. Logan’s certificate reads as follows:

This certificate is presented on March 18, 2012, on the occasion of your recognition as recipient of the Distinguished Alumni/ae Award. Your ministry in parish work, diocesan leadership, and contemporary social issues spanning more than 71 years continues to epitomize the work of Christ in our midst. For your loyal and extraordinary leadership, Episcopal Divinity School and the Church celebrate your centennial with prayerful gratitude.

After the event, Shannon shared his thoughts: “I was happy to be a part of this extraordinary event as a member of the diocese and a fellow PDS graduate. The church and the parish hall were overflowing with people from all over the country who have been touched in some way by Tom Logan’s ministry. From the beginning of the service, the congregation immediately understood that the service would be moving and electric. All who attended came away knowing how deeply this priest has been committed to Jesus and the Church.” 

At age 100 (as of March 19, 2012), Fr. Logan is the oldest living alumna/us of Episcopal Divinity School. He is a class of 1941 Philadelphia Divinity School graduate. He served as rector of Calvary Episcopal Church in Philadelphia from 1940 to 1984, was active in the civil rights movement, and continues to serve at St. Thomas African Episcopal Church as assisting priest.