EDS Faculty and Staff Attend Living Stones Conference

In early February, a team of faculty and staff (l-r Miriam Gelfer, Fredrica Harris Thompsett, Christi Humphrey) from EDS attended the Living Stones Partnership Annual Meeting in Las Vegas.

The keynote speaker for the meeting was Donald Schell, one of the founders of St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church in San Francisco. President of All Saints Company, Donald Schell guides church leaders and congregations in discovering principles for creating good liturgy and vibrant community in their own settings.

The meeting also included the presentation of case studies by each Partner team. EDS presented a case study titled "Engaging Participation in Baptismal Living with Alumni/ae and Wider Communities".

"I am committed to helping our alums—who include laity as well as clergy—to strengthen their own baptismal ministries. I am interested in finding ways to strengthen baptismal ministry within and among the wider seminary constituency and our team had practical questions for our Partners. It was a lively conversation," said Christi Humphrey, Director of Alumni/ae and Constituent Engagement. 

Professor Fredrica Harris Thompsett and dean of students and community life, Miriam Gelfer, are also members of the EDS team. 

Two EDS alumnae received Certificate in Ministry Development at the annual meeting. Christi Humphrey ‘08 (left) and the Rev. Theresa Brion ‘09  (right) (pictured here with Fredrica Harris Thompsett, center) are the first two individuals to complete the portfolio-based certification program from Living Stones, which asks participants to demonstrate growth in 10 areas that are essential to the type of leadership used in Ministry Development.

Living Stones is a partnership of Anglican and Episcopal communities of faith engaged in mission and committed to the ministry of all the baptized. Their purpose is to practice collaborative leadership and work, examine systemic issues, offer professional consultation, and to engage in ongoing Biblical and theological reflection as the members encourage new ways of engaging in baptismal ministry. Living Stones includes partners from the Anglican Church of Canada and The Episcopal Church and they welcome inquiries and guests from throughout the Anglican Communion and other denominations.