Prayers for Those Affected by Hurricane Sandy

St. John's Memorial Chapel

CAMBRIDGE, MA, November 8, 2012—This week, an email was distributed to over 790 alumni/ae in the 13 states affected by Hurricane Sandy. The message expressed our thoughts and prayers for those who live and minister in the storm’s path. In a short time, 30+ people responded sharing their thanks and specific concerns. Those affected by Hurricane Sandy were prayed for during the Prayers of the People at today’s Community Eucharist in St. John's Memorial Chapel. The EDS community is spread far and wide. May the prayers we offer for each other support us in our daily lives and in our ministry.

Here are some of the prayers we received in response to our request: 

"Prayers for all those along the East Coast who are threatened by another storm this week.  Particularly for those who lost their power for extended periods of time and face even colder conditions this week." —Linda Brebner ’90, NY

"Prayers for the people of New York and New Jersey." —Paul Twelves ETS ’54, RI

"Pray for all those on the Connecticut shoreline whose homes have been devastated, whose lives have been disrupted. Pray for those who are still without heat or electricity. Pray for those who are losing hope and who are battling another storm, today." —Marie Alford-Harkey ‘10, CT

"Pray for those along the South West coast of RI where there have been great losses and some are still without power, a number of people who used to live along the beach are now homeless." —Peter Michaelson ETS ’70, RI

"Pray for the people in Crisfield, Maryland. It is a region of poverty and this will be very difficult for them." —Mary Garner ’06, MD

"Prayers of thanksgiving for the millions of people who came through the storm. Prayers for those who died, those who mourn, those who are homeless, those who were homeless before the storm, those who still have no power or heat, those standing in line for gas, and please pray for those who working endless hours to restore our subways, tunnels, and flooded buildings." —Jim Hagen, '65, NY

"Pray for those who now seek sustenance at our food pantrys,thrift shops,shelters,worship services, [and] mobile loaves & fishes.  That we may serve them well and in Christ's name." —Rev. Mary J. Korte ’91, RI

"Pray for Haiti. Hurricane Sandy was the third disaster to hit the small Caribbean nation.  Last spring, Haiti was struck by severe drought at the beginning of the critical spring cropping season, followed by Tropical Storm Isaac, in August, and now, the hurricane.  Pray for the loss of crops, and the food shortages, causing people to go hungry.  Pray for an end to the ongoing flooding that perpetuates the cholera epidemic.  Pray for those who have lost wages due to these crises and the complicated tangle of power, authority and bureaucracy." —Sister Sarah, SSM ’10 Haiti

Please keep these prayers in your heart.