Reflections from Bonnie Anderson, President of the Episcopal Church's House of Deputies

Bonnie Anderson, president of the House of Deputies of the Episcopal Church and honorary degree receipient from Episcopal Divinity School, was a guest lecturer in The Rev. Canon Edward W. Rodman's recent class on the General Convention of the Episcopal Church. The EDS communications office sat down with Anderson while she was on campus and asked her a few questions ahead of this week's General Convention in Indianapolis.

Anderson has been a strong advocate for the ministry of the laity. Prior to her election as President of the House of Deputies in 2006 and re-election in 2009, Anderson served as Vice President of the House of Deputues; chair of the Joint Standing Committee on Program, Budget and Finance; an Executive Council member; and an Executive Council elected representative to the Episcopal Church Investment Committee. In her home Diocese of Michigan, she has held many positions, including Canon to the Ordinary, president of the Standing Committee, and chair of Constitution and Canons. She has decided not to seek reelection as president at this year's convention. 

Here are a few of Bonnie Anderson's thoughts coming into this week's convention. (Your browser should load audio Quicktime files below each question.)

What advice do you have for anyone attending General Convention for the first time?

What do you think is the greatest challenge facing the next president of the House of Deputies?

 Why is the laity so important for the governance of the Episcopal Church?


What do you think the Episcopal Church needs to focus on in the coming years?