Task Force seeks “fullest possible participation” of alumni/ae in @EDS@Union

The board of trustees has appointed a task force to make recommendations on how the alumni/ae of Episcopal Divinity School and its predecessors can participate fully in the life of the seminary as it begins its affiliation with Union Theological Seminary in New York City.

“Our primary mission is to have the fullest possible participation of our alumni in the new relationship we have with Union Theological Seminary,” said Bishop John Rabb, the Alumni/ae Executive Committee’s representative to the board, who will chair the task force. “We are looking to have a structure that parallels Union’s alumni structure, but will not be subsumed into Union.”

Other members of the task force, established at the board’s October meeting, are the Rev. Dr. Matthew Cadwell ’99, co-president of the Alumni/ae Executive Committee, Bishop Douglas Fisher ’07 of the Diocese of Western Massachusetts, Alexizendria Link ’08 and the Rev. Joslyn Ogden Schaefer ’13.

The group will meet via conference call and present a plan to the board at its February meeting. Rabb said it is his hope the board will approve “a basic concept” for “a structure that will maximize alumni involvement” and allow the task force to work out details thereafter.

Under the affiliation agreement between EDS and Union, EDS alumni/ae already enjoy library privileges and other benefits accorded to Union alums. Click here to learn about current EDS alumni/ae benefits and services.

Rabb said he envisions “events, continuing education opportunities and communications” tailored to the alumni/ae of EDS and its predecessors, Episcopal Theological School and Philadelphia Divinity School. He said he and Dean Kelly Brown Douglas have discussed launching the outreach to alumni/ae with regional gatherings in Boston, New York and the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. area.

“One thing I am excited about is that we have a dean who is really committed to full engagement with the alumni of EDS,” Rabb said.

Note: Any updates to contact information for EDS alumni/ae, should be sent to Emily Odom, Director of Alumni/ae Relations, eodom@uts.columbia.edu.