The Futures Committee Wants Your Ideas for the Future of EDS

Submit Your Ideas

The Futures Committee invites all members of the EDS community to submit constructive ideas that might enhance or strengthen the institution both now and in the future.

As part of its work over the last several months, the committee has created two worksheets that incorporates its various planning rubrics and, when used, aim to provide consistent structure to ideas about the future of EDS. One worksheet is for ideas that involve EDS entering into partnerships or collaborations with other institutions or groups. The other worksheet is for proposing new ventures, programs, or ideas that EDS might consider. The deadline for submissions is April 1, 2016. 

The committee is actively surveying these ideas and scenarios and will present a number of them at the May Board of Trustees meetings. The board will consider the selected ideas and scenarios at a retreat this summer and decide on a course of action for EDS. 

Fill out the worksheets online:

  • Click here for the partnerships/collaborations worksheet
  • Click here for the ventures/programs/ideas worksheet

Download the worksheets as PDFs, and submit them by emailing

  • Download the partnerships/collaborations worksheet [PDF]
  • Download for the ventures/programs/ideas worksheet [PDF]

About the Futures Committee/Task Force

The Futures Task Force is a group of 15 individuals drawn from across the EDS community.

Since the Task Force was formed by the EDS Board of Trustees in October 2015, it has laid the groundwork for undertaking collaborative strategic planning with all EDS constituents, establishing planning rubrics, and forming a common understanding of EDS’s—and theological education’s—context in the church and the world.

EDS has long served as a prophetic voice in the church and the world, and has a reputation as leader in progressive theological education. Throughout its history, EDS has reinvented itself to respond to changing times—from the advent of the hybrid Distributive Learning program to the school’s partnership with Lesley University, finding creative ways to respond to new contexts and new challenges has always been a part of EDS’s institutional DNA. The Multi-Constituency Task Force represents EDS’s continued commitment to responding to an ever-changing world in ways that are faithful to our values and our mission.

Late last year, Tony Ruger, a noted ATS consultant to seminaries nationwide, joined the Task Force to provide further management and planning expertise.

The Task Force’s goal is to engage its members and the EDS community at large, in a dialogical and iterative process of strategic thinking. The Task Force is not charged with creating a strategic plan for EDS but rather has the ultimate objective of generating and mediating ideas that will help guide the institution forward.

Members of the Futures Task Force

  • The Rev. Susan Ackley ’99 (The Episcopal Church of New Hampshire)
  • Dr. Angela Bauer-Levesque (Academic Dean and Harvey H. Guthrie Jr. Professor of Bible, Culture, and Interpretation)
  • Susan Butterworth ’16 (Master of Divinity candidate, Traditional Learning)
  • The Rev. Dr. Matthew Cadwell ’99 (Rector of Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Wakefield, Massachusetts)
  • Chris Carr ’99 (Director of Technology Services)
  • Elizabeth Coffey ’16 (Master of Divinity candidate, Distributive Learning)
  • Suzanne Ehly (Artist-in-Residence and faculty in Voice, Body, and Culture)
  • The Very Rev. Francis Fornaro ’96 (Interim President and Dean)
  • The Rt. Rev. Carol Gallagher, PhD, ’89 (Bishop for Native American Ministries & assistant bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Montana)
  • The Very Rev. Gary Hall ’76 (Dean of the Washington National Cathedral and Chair of the EDS Board of Trustees)
  • William F. Judge (Chief Financial and Business Development Officer)
  • Zena Link ’08 (Province One of the Episcopal Church)
  • The Rev. Sam Rodman (the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts)
  • Denis Stark (Treasurer of the EDS Board of Trustees)
  • Larry Wills (Ethelbert Talbot Professor of Biblical Studies at EDS)