EDS at the Jonathan Daniels Pilgrimage

August 16, 2023
EDS at the Jonathan Daniels Pilgrimage

On Saturday, August 12, EDS’ Director of Programming and Operations the Rev. Emilee Walker-Cornetta traveled with the Episcopal Diocese of Alabama and the Episcopal Diocese of the Central Gust Coast for the Jonathan Daniels Pilgrimage to commemorate the legacy of seminarian, civil rights activist and ETS/EDS alum Jonathan Daniels. Daniels was shot and killed in 1965 in Haynesville Alabama protecting 16 year old Ruby Sales, who would go on to study at EDS.

“It was an honor to join pilgrims from across the church in remembrance of Jonathan Daniels and the Alabama martyrs of the Civil Rights movement,” she shared. “Together, we bore witness to the evil that killed them and to the love that rose up—and rises still—in resistance to all forms of racist violence. As we walked, kneeled, and sang, I felt God calling us to prayfully continue the courageous legacy of Jonathan Daniels by dismantling the sinful realities of white supremacy.”

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