Alum Spotlight: The Rev. Steve Godfrey ‘04

May 29, 2024
Alum Spotlight: The Rev. Steve Godfrey ‘04

Since graduating from EDS and ordination in the Diocese of Massachusetts, the Rev. Steve Godfrey has served in the dioceses of Massachusetts, Maine, Chicago, Iowa, and North Dakota, as a priest, ministry developer, and facilitator specializing in supporting adaptive leadership and vibrant community in small churches and their neighborhoods. In Massachusetts he did urban ministry in Boston. In Maine he supported ministry with children, youth, and families, and learned about the challenges of ministry leadership in small, remote, rural areas. He was rector of suburban churches in Illinois and Iowa, where he worked with Iowan and Sudanese leadership teams and also served as diocesan missioner for congregational development and transitions. In North Dakota he has served as diocesan minister during a transitional time, supporting leaders in urban and rural churches, including several Native American congregations, as well as diocesan administration and reconciliation work. He will join the staff of the Diocese of Northern Michigan later in 2024. He has also been active in Living Stones and the Living Waters Cooperative, “a grassroots collaboration exploring new, Spirit-filled ways of living out the Gospel throughout our neighborhoods and ministering communities.”

“At EDS I learned the importance of participation in Anglican spirituality and the concept that all are called to be theologians and leaders," shared the Rev. Godfrey. "I also learned how to celebrate and nurture diversity, to focus on justice as a Gospel priority, to confront racism and colonialism, and to build relationships across differences. That learning has served me well as I have worked to help develop strong faith and action with amazing people in all kinds of places.”

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