Mission and Core Values

Board approved 2/21/24

Missional Text

Episcopal Divinity School is a cutting edge, innovative, inclusive educational institution for theological formation and education.

Throughout its long and rich history, Episcopal Divinity School (EDS) has advanced the shaping of theological responses within a dynamic church and around the world. Upholding a dedication to justice-focused theological formation, EDS is deeply rooted in Episcopal identity. Additionally, EDS is driven by a steadfast, broad, and inclusive vision of social justice that is centered on the Gospel and honors the sacred dignity of every individual. The mission of EDS has always been grounded in serious intellectual and scholarly engagement with contemporary issues in faith, practice, and society.

With a strong commitment to excellence, EDS develops and enhances opportunities for distinctive, justice-focused theological formation for lay and clergy leaders across The Episcopal Church, the Anglican Communion, and beyond. To implement this work, EDS seeks collaborative opportunities with accredited institutions and existing church formation programs to prepare and equip clergy and lay people for transformative and diverse leadership roles. As theological education continues to evolve, EDS will serve as a trusted advocate and resource, convening nurturing spaces for the development of new leadership and theological formation models. As part of this larger vision, EDS endeavors to recognize, include, and amplify voices that are often unheard or overlooked.

Episcopal Divinity School remains dedicated to its foundational values of justice, inclusivity, and theological innovation–continually evolving to meet the needs of a changing church and world.

Core Values Text

The following core values animate and guide all of EDS’ work:

  • Social Justice: EDS believes that social justice is central, not ancillary, to theological inquiry and the practice of Christian faith.
  • Leadership: EDS is committed to resourcing and uplifting diverse, transformational leaders for the church, both lay and ordained.
  • Partnership: EDS embraces missional, programmatic partnerships built on shared values and goals.
  • Prophetic Stewardship: EDS is committed to ethical stewardship of its material and non–material resources that is accountable to its community, the future, and the building of a just earth. EDS starts with complex world challenges and asks two questions:
    • What kind of church does the world need?
    • What do faith leaders need to face those challenges? (Transformative leadership)
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: In all of its doings, EDS seeks to uplift and prioritize those marginalized by systems of injustice.
  • Integrity: EDS is committed to boldly demonstrating its core values, even and especially when they are unpopular.

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