Progress 2015 Issues

Issues: EDS must expand and enhance its teaching on issues of classism, ableism, inter-religious tolerance, and the environment.

Progress Toward Goals (back to Progress2015)

  • Wright Hall was renovated and made completely accessible. Student Services was concentrated in a central location within Wright Hall.
  • EDS has expanded its teaching on ableism, investigating ways in which to minister to and teach deaf students. The School has also begun alliances with the Director of Access Services for Students with Disabilities at Lesley University to assist with our support of a profoundly deaf MDiv student as well as setting the stage for EDS to be welcoming to differentlyabled students on our campus.
  • EDS organized a Recruitment Task Force comprised of faculty, staff, student, and board participants who examined the School’s recruitment and admissions program and recommended radical structural, as well as programmatic changes. As a result of their work we hired a new Director of Recruitment who is already making exceptional progress.
  • EDS is engaged with Lesley University on establishing and nurturing a community garden behind Kidder House.