Worship at Episcopal Divinity School

The Episcopal Divinity School community joins together to worship throughout the week. These services are open to the public and are held in St. John’s Memorial Chapel at 99 Brattle Street in Cambridge. All are welcome. 

Questions? Please contact Andrew Heintz.

For information about the history and architecture of the Chapel, view History & Guide: St. John’s Memorial Chapel (pub. 1978).

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Rota for Monday, Oct. 17 to Friday, Oct. 21

Monday, 10/17

Morning Prayer
Presider: Eric Fialho
Sacristan: Steven Symes
Lector/Greeter: Naro Pongen

Community Eucharist
Preacher: Paul McAllister
Presider: Thea Keith-Lucas
Assistant Deacon/Subdeacon: Eric Fialho
Lector/Greeter: John Boopalan
Sacristan: Naro Pongen

First Reading: Ephesians+2:1-10
Gospel: Luke+12:13-21 

Tuesday, 10/18

Morning Prayer
Presider: Naro Pongen
Sacristan: Eric Fialho
Lector/Greeter: Amy Tighe

First Reading: Revelation+7:9-17
Gospel: Luke+10:1-16

Wednesday, 10/19

Morning Prayer
Presider: YunJeong Seol
Lector/Greeter: Gale Yee

First Reading: Revelation+8:1-13
Gospel: Luke+10:17-24

Midday Prayer
Presider: Erika Jackson

Thursday, 10/20

Morning Prayer
Sacristan: Amy Tighe
Lector/Greeter: Eric Fialho

First Reading: Revelation+9:1-12
Gospel: Luke+10:25-37

Community Worship
Preacher and Presider:
Assistant Deacon/Subdeacon:
Lector/Greeter: YunJeong Seol 
Sacristan: Eric Fialho

Friday, 10/21

Morning Prayer
Presider: Eric Fialho
Lector/Greeter: John Boopalan 

First Reading: Revelation+9:13-21
Gospel: Luke+10:38-42

Midday Prayer
Presider: YunJeong Seol