Worship at Episcopal Divinity School

The Episcopal Divinity School community joins together to worship throughout the week. These services are open to the public and are held in St. John's Memorial Chapel at 99 Brattle Street in Cambridge. All are welcome. 

For more information, please view our Chapel Life Booklet. For questions, please contact Sandi Albom.

Rota for Monday, Oct. 12 to Friday, Oct. 16

Monday, 10/12

Columbus/Survivors Day; no services

Tuesday, 10/13

Morning Prayer, 8:30am
Presider: Paul McAllister

Wednesday, 10/14

Morning Prayer, 8:30am
Presider: Sandi Albom

Midday Worship, 12:15pm
Presider: Didi Millien

Thursday, 10/15

Morning Prayer, 8:30am
Presider: Yun Jeong Seol

Community Worship, 12:15pm
Facilitator: Ashley Anderson

Friday, 10/16

Morning Prayer, 8:30am
Presider: Christi Humphrey

Midday Worship, 12:15pm
Presider: Mary Matthews