Episcopal Divinity School Announces New Scholarship Initiative

Cambridge, MA (February 18, 2015)—Episcopal Divinity School (EDS) has announced that it will offer twenty additional student scholarships in the 2015–16 academic year. Of the twenty scholarships, ten will be full tuition scholarships for master’s degree candidates, five of which will be awarded to students of color. The remaining scholarships will be first year scholarships with a school commitment to meet all financial need through financial aid in subsequent years.

The new scholarships extend the school’s commitment to making seminary affordable to all and to reducing the burden of debt on seminary graduates who enter lay or ordained ministry. EDS’s residential and hybrid low-residence Distributive Learning programs offer highly flexible and customized learning options for students of all faith traditions and denominations considering lay or ordained ministry.

“We want people who would make good use of the extraordinary formational opportunities at EDS to take advantage of them without undue financial hardship,” said The Very Rev. Dr. James A. Kowalski, Chair of the Board of Trustees. “If EDS is the school that can best equip your ministry, financial barriers are not going to get in your way.”

The scholarships are open to all applicants to master’s degree programs and will be awarded to accepted students who demonstrate both a promising future in ministry or the academy and financial need. Students awarded a first year scholarship will work with the Office of Financial Aid to assemble an assistance package that spans students’ full academic tenure at the school.

“Too many students shy away from even considering seminary today because they believe they cannot afford it,” said EDS CFO William Judge. ““As a result of our generous financial aid and scholarships, including the twenty new scholarships we are announcing, most EDS students can afford a world-class seminary education.”

All of the new scholarships will be available to applicants to both the Master of Divinity and the Master of Arts in Theological Studies programs. They will be available to students applying for the residential Traditional Learning option, and to the low-residency Distributive Learning option.

“With the advent of our hybrid online and on-campus Distributive Learning program, EDS is a leader in offering a highly flexible and customized student experience,” said Admissions Manager Hillary Kody. “Now, our financial aid and scholarship offerings offer as much flexibility as our academic programs. If you are considering seminary, then you should consider EDS.”

The new scholarships are just one of many options for students looking to finance their seminary education. Last year, EDS launched the Bishop’s Scholarship, which is open to Episcopalian master’s degree candidates in the ordination track and includes a financial award equal to 80% of full tuition while the student is in school, and up to a total of $25,000 of student loan forgiveness over five years after graduation.

All applicants for EDS master’s degree programs will be considered for the twenty new scholarships. Prospective students can apply online—or request more information—at eds.edu/admissions.

About EDS

Episcopal Divinity School (EDS) is a progressive seminary and theological graduate school for lay and ordained leaders of all denominations. Committed to a mission of social justice and inclusive education and grounded in the Anglican tradition, EDS awards Master’s degrees in Divinity and Theological Studies, Doctoral degrees in Ministry, and Certificates in Anglican Formation; Justice, Reconciliation, and Mission; and Christian Spiritualities for the Contemporary World.

EDS graduates serve as lay and ordained ministers of the Episcopal Church as well as in other Christian denominations. They are also leaders in a variety of professions and industries, including non-profit executives, mental health professionals, social workers, community organizers, academics, artists, and writers, often in addition to their work as clergy or church leaders.

EDS is a member of the Boston Theological Institute, a consortium of ten eminent theological schools, seminaries, and departments of religion in the Boston area.

A seminary for the Episcopal Church, Episcopal Divinity School is grounded in the Anglican tradition and committed to growing in relationship with other Christian and faith traditions. Episcopal Divinity School is an academic community of biblical, historical, and theological inquiry that respects students as responsible learners with valuable experience, supports spiritual and ministerial formation, and provides tools for the life-long work of social and personal transformation.