Alumni/ae Elect New Representative and Committee Members

New members of the Alumni/ae Executive Committee (AEC) and one representative to the EDS Board of Trustees were recently elected. The new AEC members, whose terms run from 2014 to 2017, included William A. Doubleday '76, Katherine C. Black '86, Elizabeth W. Colton '06, and Jane C. MacIntyre '06. Carol J. Gallagher '89 was elected as the alumni/ae representative to the Board of Trustees. Her terms runs from 2014 to 2019. 

More about the new AEC members and alumni/ae representative to the Board of Trustees:

William A. Doubleday 
EDS ’76, MDiv
Priest in Charge, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Mt. Kisco, NY

"Thanks to EDS, I learned early and well that really knowing and accepting myself, having a deep grounding in the Bible and the history of the Church, being able to read a new or changing context, and being committed to analyzing and critiquing every culture or sub-culture I may encounter, were all critical to my capacity to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a transformational way. I believe that such outcomes are far more likely to be found in the vocational journeys of EDS graduates than is the case with most other seminaries, Episcopal or ecumenical." 

Katharine C. Black
EDS ’86, MDiv
Priest, St. John the Evangelist, Boston, MA and Canon for Liturgies, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Boston, MA

"Recently I supervised two EDS Field Education students at St. John the Evangelist, Boston. That reconnected me with current students, faculty, and EDS life. I have also kept in touch during and since my twelve years as a chaplain on the General Board of Examining Chaplains. Furthermore, I’ve reported to the Board about EDS students, strengths, and programs, noting EDS’s success—usually scoring first among seminaries. That work celebrated the variety of students and their necessary breadth of intellectual preparation."

Elizabeth W. Colton 
Rector, Trinity Church, King of Prussia, PA
Rector, Grace Church and the Incarnation, Philadelphia, PA

"For the past ten years I have served a blue-collar congregation with the working poor. I believe this experience has taught me a huge amount about this particular population. I would love to see EDS intentionally spend a little time educating those who will serve the Church in serving working class folks, for whom education has been difficult. Our understanding of how a parish works, even how a parish engages in ongoing formation is challenged in such a situation. The usual ideas don’t work so well. I have also spent some time in working through an intentional and creative merger with another congregation. The decision to encourage parishioners to 'try it on' is a direct result of my EDS education. EDS alumni/ae would be a great well of experience in visioning new futures for fragile parishes. There are people among our graduates who have first hand knowledge and experience on which others might draw. I would be interested in helping form those connections."

Jane C. MacIntyre 
EDS ’06, MDiv
Pastor and Teacher, South Parish Congregational Church, Augusta, ME

"Attending EDS as a member of the UCC tradition was a great experience. I enjoyed the diversity of faith backgrounds and the group synergy that developed from our work and study together, each one of us offering a flavoring from our tradition. Those multifaceted experiences continue to shape my ministry. I would bring a different awareness of the Church to the AEC and would work to ensure that the EDS spirit of diversity and collaboration continues to be expressed. As a member of the Church and Ministry Committee for the Kennebec Valley Association of the Maine Conference UCC, I would bring my experience of guiding and mentoring people in the work of discovering their lay or ordained ministry."

Carol J. Gallagher 
EDS ’89, MDiv
Interim Rector, St. Peter’s by the Sea, Sitka AK
Bishop Missioner, The Bishops’ Native Collaborative, Farmington, NM,
Assisting Bishop, The Diocese of North Dakota

"I have been blessed to serve the AEC in the past at a critical time in the history of the school. I bring that understanding of the work we are called to do as the AEC, and my gifts and skills as a bishop of twelve years to the table. I believe that EDS plays a critical role in the preparation of women and men for service in the church and the world as a place that exposes the roots of the pain in our world and seeks honest reconciliation and justice. As an Indigenous woman, it helped me find my voice within the church and shaped me as an agent of positive change in the church and the world. I bring my commitment to teaching and learning along with creativity and laughter to the tasks ahead of us."