Faculty Scholarship Celebrated

Dr. Joan Martin, Aura Fluet, Dr. Lucretia Yaghjian, and Dr. Gale Yee

On April 24, Sherrill Library held its third annual Faculty Scholarship Celebration to recognize Episcopal Divinity School and Lesley University faculty research and publishing. The reception featured an exhibition of recently published faculty work and a print bibliography was available for each school, which lists the books, journal articles, lectures, and other publications of the faculty. (Photo, L - R: Dr. Joan Martin, Aura Fluet, Dr. Lucretia Yaghjian, and Dr. Gale Yee)

A few of the works released so far in 2013 include Home and Away: Contextual Theology and Local Practice (Pickwick, 2013) edited by Stephen Burns and Clive Pearsons; Rainbow Theology: Bridging Race, Sexuality, and Spirit (Seabury Books, 2013) by Patrick S. Cheng; Encouraging Conversations: Resources for Talking about Same-Sex Blessings (Morehouse Publishing, 2013) edited by Fredrica Harris Thompsett; Anglican Women on Church and Mission (Morehouse, 2013) edited by Kwok Pui Lan, Judith A. Berling, and Jenny Plane Te Paa; and Joshua and Judges (Fortress Press, 2013) edited by Gale A. Yee and Athalya Brenner. In all, 23 works by EDS faculty are listed in the bibliography.

The event was sponsored by the Sherrill Library Joint Library Committee, Episcopal Divinity School, the Lesley University Provost’s Office, and the Office of Grants & Sponsored Projects of Lesley University. 

“It was an evening of lively conversation with opportunities for faculties of both schools to share and explore each other’s scholarship while enjoying wonderful food, drink, and fellowship. The annual Faculty Scholarship Celebration is well on its way to becoming a tradition at Sherrill Library,” said Aura Fluet, Senior Assistant Director of Library Services at Sherrill Library.

Sherrill Library came into existence in 2009. Sherrill Hall, which houses the library, was built in 1965 and named for Henry Knox Sherrill, the twentieth presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church. Sherrill Library is a joint library for Lesley University and Episcopal Divinity School and houses more than140,000 print titles and many print journal subscriptions in addition to a growing list of electronic resources.