EDS@Union: Anglican Studies

Our Vision

Today, visionary and transformative theological education is more important than ever in developing leaders who build thriving and effective church ministries. The nation, the world and the church need leaders who embody the kind of priestly humility, prophetic vision and principled witness that can address the complicated social and moral challenges of our time.

Located at the global crossroads that is New York City, Episcopal Divinity School (EDS) at Union Theological Seminary (Union) will be a place that nurtures this kind of leadership, while offering students the full academic resources of Union as well as access to the libraries and programs of Columbia University. As an institution, EDS@Union will carry forth EDS’s mission of dismantling racism and working for social justice, which is at the core of the Jesus Movement that Presiding Bishop Michael Curry urges us to embrace. Informed by the global richness of Anglican and Episcopal traditions, our program will prepare students for ministerial vocations that will transform both them and the diverse ministries they serve and create.

Anglican Studies Program

The EDS@Union Anglican Studies program will include clear pathways for students called to both ordained and lay ministry. Master of Divinity (M.Div.) students will develop core competencies in the six canonical areas of study, including scripture, church history, Christian theology, ethics, liturgy and worship, Episcopal Church polity and ministerial practice, and will also participate in a required spiritual formation program. The 24-credit M.Div. program will include first-year and capstone seminars; six credits in liturgy; and three credits each in Anglican church history, theology, Anglican church missiology and an Anglican studies elective. M.Div. students will be required to take at least one course on a non-Christian religious tradition and one on racial, gender, ethnic, sexual and religious injustice.

In addition to a rigorous theological education, EDS@Union students will be grounded in worship, prayer, and practices of spiritual accountability. Planning and leading Eucharist, morning prayer, and evensong according to the Book of Common Prayer and other liturgical resources will be required for EDS@Union students, who will work with a prayer partner as well as participate in quiet days and peer formation groups.

Upon graduation, our students will be prepared not simply to serve in a church, but also to be the church in a culturally pluralistic world and society. And they will be imbued with the commitment, distinctive to both Episcopal Divinity School and Union Theological Seminary, to foster systems, structures and ways of thinking and being that reflect the justice and love of God.

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