EDS Board Member Marie C. Wilson Gives Ted Talk on Rethinking Failure

Marie WilsonNovember 8, 2013 (Cambridge, MA) -- Marie C. Wilson, Founder and President of The White House Project, creator of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work® Day, and member of the Episcopal Divinity School Board of Trustees, was one of seven Athena Distinguished Leadership Fellows who gave Ted Talks on "Rethinking Failure," telling inspiring stories of perseverance and resilience at TedxBarnardCollege, sponsored by the Athena Center for Leadership Studies. 

TedxBarnard College will post the video of Wilson's and all other Ted Talks in the coming weeks. To learn more about TedxBarnard College and to see photos of the event, click here.

Wilson is currently an Athena Distinguished Leadership Fellow at Barnard's Athena Center for Leadership Studies. Established at Barnard College, a pioneering force in undergraduate women’s education, the Athena Center for Leadership Studies is dedicated to the advancement of women’s leadership around the world. 

An advocate of women’s leadership for more than 30 years, Marie Wilson is founder and President of The White House Project, creator of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work ® Day and author of Closing the Leadership Gap: Why Women Can and Must Help Run the World (Viking 2004). In 1998, Wilson founded The White House Project in order to build a richly diverse, genuinely representative democracy.  Since its inception, The White House Project became a pioneer in advancing women’s leadership in every sphere—political and social, cultural and economic. Under Wilson’s stewardship, innovative research and programming initiatives became hallmarks of The White House Project. Highlights of the last decade include groundbreaking research, including the upcoming publication of , “The White House Project Report: Benchmarking Women’s Leadership”, the launch of SheSource.org, a database with over 330 women experts, two national leadership summits, and “Vote, Run, Lead,” a training program that has given more than 9,000 women the tools they need to run for office. Wilson has received four honorary doctorates including, most recently, a doctor of divinity from the Episcopal Seminary in Boston.