Lectures and Special Events

Every other year, EDS honors two Professors Emerita with the Carter Heyward and the Joanna Dewey Scholars Lecture Series. Created as a tribute to the Rev. Dr. Carter Heyward, the Howard Chandler Robbins Professor Emerita and one of the first women ordained in the Episcopal Church, and Dr. Joanna Dewey, the Harvey Guthrie, Jr. Professor Emerita and former Academic Dean, this series was established to assure the continuation of their lifework of theologies of liberation. The series provides the opportunity to bring innovative and challenging scholars from across the country to the EDS community.

The Jonathan Myrick Daniels Memorial Eucharist remembers and honors Daniels, a student at the Episcopal Theological School, who was killed in Alabama in 1965 while participating in civil rights work.

The Absalom Jones Eucharist honors Jones, who in 1802 became the first African American ordained priest. Every February this event helps support the Absalom Jones Scholarship Fund, which provides scholarships for African American students at EDS preparing for ordination in the Episcopal Church.

Each Spring, prominent religious thinkers are invited to deliver a series Kellogg Lectures. This two day series is scheduled for the first full weekend in May. Recent lecturers have included Karen Armstrong, Michael Battle, John Dominic Crossan, Marilyn McCord Adams, and Richard Rohr.