Theological Field Education

Formation for ministry includes supervised experience in a congregation, chaplaincy, or agency. Over 40 accredited sites are affiliated with EDS in Eastern Massachusetts for residential and commuting students. There are other affiliated sites in New England and more distant students work with the Director of Theological Field Education to identify and propose appropriate sites. 

In these settings, students 

  • learn practical knowledge and skills
  • examine their call to ministry and develop or deepen their ministerial identity
  • develop skills for understanding the ministry context or system
  • reflect theologically on who they are and what they and others are doing

Through field education students integrate cognitive theoretical perspectives with behavioral experience and affective competence, thereby creating habits they will employ upon graduation. They design their own learning goals with a trained supervisor keeping in mind the needs and opportunities of the setting. An on-site committee augments the insights of the supervisor.

Two units of supervised field education are required for M.Div. students; CPE may be counted for one of these.

For more information contact The Rev. Frank Fornaro, Director (617) 682-1510 [Direct line],