Suzanne Ehly

Artist Diploma, Longy School of Music
Graduate Certificate in Opera Performance, Boston University
BA, Hamilton-Kirkland College
"For many years I have combined my intimate knowledge of and passion for the body and voice with my passion for justice and unleashing the full vitality of the human instrument in the service of God’s realm on earth, leading people to an embodied understanding of the transformative power of both the physical voice and voice in community. 

I believe that leadership grounded in self-knowledge and a continual process/practice of discerning and feeding our own gifts, enables a ministry that is sustainable and renewing rather than depleting and short-lived. My particular way in to this territory is through embodied discernment and spiritual practice—the strengthening of our skills in listening deeply to the voices of God, self and others and the building up of practices of breath, body and voice that result in lively bodies, faces, voices and imaginations." 

Suzanne Ehly, Artist-in-Residence, and Faculty in Voice, Body, and Culture at Episcopal Divinity School, is also a professional performer, an experienced teacher, workshop and retreat leader—a hybrid scholar/performer/activist. At EDS she teaches the course Unleashing Our Voices: Voice, Identity and Leadership; co-teaches the Foundations and Preaching courses, and has been invited by faculty colleagues to guest teach in Liturgical Practicum, Spirituality, and Theological Writing courses. She also coaches students and members of EDS faculty and staff on speaking and singing voice.