Faculty, Adjuncts, and Postdoctoral Fellows Directory

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 Liza Anderson Anderson, Liza
Postdoctoral Fellow
Email: landerson@eds.edu
Angela Bauer-Levesque

Bauer-Levesque, Angela
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Academic Dean
Harvey H. Guthrie, Jr. Professor of Bible, Culture, and Interpretation
Email: abauer-levesque@eds.edu, Phone: 617-682-1501

S. John Boopalan 

Boopalan, S. John
Postdoctoral Fellow

Email: jboopalan@eds.edu

Suzanne Ehly

Ehly, Suzanne
Artist-in-Residence, and Faculty in Voice, Body, and Culture
Email: sehly@eds.edu, Phone: 617-682-1582

Elise Feyerherm

Feyerherm, Elise
Adjunct Faculty, Church History
Email: efeyerherm@eds.edu

Aura Fluet

Fluet, Aura
Adjunct Faculty, WRITE Program

Sr. Assistant Director, Library Services

Email: afluet@eds.edu, Phone: 617-682-1523

Charles Hefling

Hefling, Charles
Adjunct Faculty, Theology
Email: chefling@eds.edu

 Kwok Pui Lan

Kwok, Pui Lan
William F. Cole Professor of Christian Theology and Spirituality
Email: pkwok@eds.edu, Phone: 617-682-1533

 Joan Martin

Martin, Joan M.
William W. Rankin Associate Professor of Christian Social Ethics
Email: jmartin@eds.edu, Phone: 617-682-1526

 Amy McCreath

McCreath, Amy
Director, Contextual Education
Email: amccreath@eds.edu, Phone:

Jeffrey Mello

Mello, Jeffrey
Adjunct Faculty, Liturgy
Email: jmello@eds.edu

 Ellen Oak

Oak, Ellen
Adjunct Faculty, Theory and Practice of Ministry and Liturgy
Email: eoak@eds.edu, Phone: 617-682-1569

Fredrica Harris Thompsett

Fredrica Harris Thompsett
Mary Wolfe Professor Emerita of Historical Theology
Email: fthompsett@eds.edu

 Lawrence Wills

Wills, Lawrence
Ethelbert Talbot Professor of Biblical Studies
Email: lwills@eds.edu, Phone: 617-682-1547

Lucretia Yaghjian 

Yaghjian, Lucretia
Adjunct Faculty, WRITE Program
Email: lyaghjian@eds.edu